Ron F. Musician Age 55.
I am the bass player for Paul Revere and the Raiders. Since age 15 I have made a living on stage playing music. While living most of my life on the road like a rock star; food became my best friend and exercise became a memory. Over this time I suffered the loss of my father. Then I lost my mother, my brother, and 2 dogs of 15 years (who were like children to my wife and I), all in less than a year! I was at my highest weight 230+ lbs and I couldn't walk because of bad knees. In fact, I had to wear knee braces on stage to get through each performance. I couldn't sleep, had no energy, and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I looked and felt like an 80 year old man with a bad back.

Two things happened to change all that. I took my wife's advice and finally sought treatment for sleep apnea (a curable but deadly sleep disorder.) Finally I feel rested! Thank you Ronda!
My wife also encouraged me to go to the Green Valley Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC). She and her friend had already lost 60 pounds working out with personal trainer Carol Miller of Las Vegas Personal Training.

In only 8 months I have lost over 25 lbs of fat, gained 10 pounds of muscle and I am correcting my posture! I have never felt better in my life! I have thrown away my knee braces and I’m even JOGGING again! A dream I thought was forever lost because my painful knees would barely let me stand. I now have great sleep, more energy and I am in better shape than I was 20 years ago. My back feels strong thanks to core work and corrective exercise s/ stretches. Plus my blood pressure has gone way down.

Carol Miller has changed my life by her own great personal story and amazing daily example. She is an authority beyond her young years in the science of exercise and nutrition. Carol has a mature and professional manner that encourages her clients to reach for their dreams and see results. I endorse her program 100%.

Carol Miller has not only showed me how to exercise correctly but has taken me from a disabled 55 year old to a guy who now looks forward to the gym. In addition to my tour schedule my wife and I regularly go on adventure trips with activity focused challenges. (Hiking Zion National Park, biking around Las Vegas, walking all over Disney Land and Europe. Plus we swim and play like we are kids in our backyard pool.

Thank you Carol Miller!


Ron F.


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