These are private, three dimensional photo sessions. Please call Carol Strom at (702) 845-4100 and pay by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below. If unable to attend, call to arrange another time. Your body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), height and weight will be printed on the photo. You will receive two copies, one by mail and another by e-mail.

Photo Shoot & Body Fat Test

Males - please wear form fitting shorts.
Females - please wear a 2-piece bathing suit or work-out attire

Please don't cover your legs, stomach or wear a wrap. Remember that if you are covering up parts of your body it will be difficult to show your progress. The indoor background is going to be white. Try to wear the same type of clothing "before" and "after”.

Please confirm with your scheduled photographer at (702) 769-6027 for your photoshoot location, today.


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