What makes Encore different from other fitness trainers?
When we train, we expect you to be early, prepared and warmed up. Leave your problems at the door so you can focus on your health.

The warm up time gives you energy and safely transitions you into the "Play of the day." Encore Trainers set up beginner to advanced modifications to effectively coach and encourage each unique person. Using the latest exercise science, we teach correct form, set and check weights and seat selections, and motivate you to make every session valuable. Actions speak louder than words, so itís important to maintain a professional coach-athlete relationship. Your Encore professional trainer encourages you to take responsibility for a healthy lifestyle and will get you to your goal as fast as possible.

What are your rates?
We are the most affordable group of high quality personal trainers in Las Vegas. Your sessions are transferable to any Encore location and with any Encore trainer. Las Vegas Athletic Clubs has the best variety of equipment for cross training and Encore choreographed routines are efficient and fun. MGM Grand Hotel employees may now also workout in the spa gym with Encore Personal Trainers. We look forward to expanding to all Hotels on the strip in 2010.

What is the time commitment required?
The Encore Circuit Training Program is unlimited, but designed for you to get to your goal in two to three hours a week including warm-up and stretching time. The Encore Circuit Training program is unlimited and starts every half hour. It's important to not skip the cool-down and stretching after. Longer lifting sessions or additional cardio will accelerate your results. We exercise different body parts each day. You can work out three days in a row, or spread the days out over the week. Some people may have to do longer workouts 1-2 days a week because of their schedule, personal preference or to make-up time if they needed to cancel for any reason. Daily doubles every weekday are available for people who have the time.

What are the workouts like?
Designed exclusively by Encore Personal Training Systems.

A systematic and integrated (total body) training, reconditioning and rehabilitation program that can be used with any client to reach any goal. The program incorporates:

  •       Nutrition
  •       Strength
  •       Core
  •       Life Coaching
  •       Flexibility
  •       Cardio respiratory

Into every program, the revolutionary and easy-to-use method improves all biomotor abilities and builds high levels of functional strength, neuromuscular efficiency and dynamic flexibility.

Our proprietary method has been successful in training, reconditioning and rehabilitating elite, college, high school and recreational athletes alike. In addition to its effectiveness with athletes, Encore Personal Training has also proven successful with the general health club population by decreasing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass and improving overall health. Weíve also seen marked results in specialized groups including cancer sufferers and survivors, pre- and post-natal clients, cardiac patients and sufferers of lower back pain

How will my personal trainer customize a circuit training workout just for me if other people are stronger, weaker or have a different goal in the same session?

The amount of weight lifted, cardio intervals and corrective stretches are personalized for each customer. We believe that circuit training will build muscle for men and tighten females faster than any kind of exercise. Each day we ask you how you are feeling, and modify the play of the day for each person to suit their personal goals, conditioning, and preferences.

Because you are on the schedule your Encore trainer will make creative adjustments based on your confidential new client application, weekly improvements and daily feedback. Encore Personal Training is a balanced fitness program that allows us the flexibility to tailor each workout for all levels and make immediate changes during sessions.

It's important to be on time because Encore Personal Training offers an opportunity to connect with people in your local community to have fun, network, and share healthy goals. The Encore team provides encouragement and accountability in a supportive fitness environment. Our one-on-one customers who transition over to circuit enjoy the team spirit. The custom meal plan is based on your body fat percentage, exercise level and will be the primary difference for each person's goal.

What is the Encore "Secrets to Success" Nutrition Coaching Program?
This program includes a custom meal plan that can be lower in carbs during the 1st phase to get you immediate results. More carbs are added in progressively for endurance training, sports nutrition, and high- energy muscle gains. Fast results are 70-80% dependent on compliance to the "Encore Secrets to Success" custom meal plan. You are asked to bring the provided binder with you to all training appointments so that your trainer can see if you have made any substitutions, missed meals, slept poorly or need more cardio encouragement. You can schedule a phone consultation online to receive a custom meal plan via email for you and your family.

  • "Based on my professional experience and qualifications I find these menus provide a nutritious and well balanced diet for individuals concerned with weight control and overall health. An added benefit to these menus is that they are tailored to individual diet preferences. The caloric needs are customized for the amount and type of exercise athletes or every day people are performing and also takes into account body fat percent, lifestyle and activity in their profession." Diane D. Spindler Ph.D., N.D.

  • "As the Registered Dietitian, I have completed a thorough nutritional assessment of these menu templates. I have evaluated all caloric levels, macronutrients and micronutrients available. As a registered dietitian I deem and approve these templates to be consistent with guidelines that result in safe and healthy weight loss." Kimberly A. Tessmer, R.D., L.D.

Do I have to participate in weekly weigh-ins?
No, but the television show Biggest Loser and programs such as Weight Watchers have demonstrated value. You will be assigned two Encore Personal Trainers for double accountability to report your weigh-ins each week. Tracking each week at the same time of day will allow your trainers to offer you encouragement, praise and valuable feedback, and ensures that they make timely adjustments to your exercise routine and custom meal plan.

Think of this plan as a way to more precisely monitor monthly progress. For those who prefer more value with less driving time, we offer email and text accountability to keep you on track. If we don't hear from you, we will contact you to see how we can help. This program helps us track your weigh-ins for optional contests with Encore and your employer or friends.

How does the online scheduling benefit me, and can other people see my schedule?
Only your trainer can see when you are booked. Schedules are set 24 hours in advance so our trainers can focus on program design for each customer. As an Encore month-to-month member, you can schedule in advance all of your reservations and easily see how to best reschedule recurring appointments for a single change or to switch your time slot for any reason at any time.

You can also drop in any time by booking online with 24 hour notice, calling, or texting the day of. Please note that the month-to-month agreements take scheduling priority.

Encore's online scheduling provides unlimited scheduling 24 hours a day, and allows us to guarantee availability and prevent clerical errors or scheduling conflicts. It's easy for you and your trainer. Encore scheduling offers instant solutions to your dynamic, busy life. It's easy, set up your free consult today!

Why am I not on the schedule even after I paid?
Please update recurring appointments and end dates, even if you have purchased a new agreement. Please be responsible for managing your schedule. If you prefer to have changes made over the phone, please call, email or text the Encore office.

Do you take body fat measurements?
We include body fat testing with all photo shoots and fitness evaluations. In our experience the before picture is priceless.† Scheduling today with a professional Encore photographer will give you a private photo shoot, 3 dimensional 8.5x11 color glossy print with your measurements, name, age, height, weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI), printed on the photo you will receive by mail and email.

Telling you numbers doesnít compare to how you will feel seeing the after pictures.† How much you weigh is relevant, but we are most concerned with the "Before and After" picture, body fat, posture, muscle balance and most importantly, the confidence you project.

A lady can be a fit 11% body fat but be unbalanced in the hips compared to a proportionate 25% lady with good symmetry. The photo shoots document where men and women hold their body fat, and its fun to see your physique transforming. Because everyone is different, please compare your own private photo series only to yourself, and try not to compare yourself to others or use unrealistic standards while on your fitness journey.

Do I have to take a before and after picture?
Yes and No. We never have to see or take any pictures, but it is recommended that the client take advantage of this discounted service so they can see their own dramatic transformation that Encore resistance training provides. Many people choose to keep their photos private and are not on the website or in a brochure. We have many updates coming each month and look forward to updating our site. It's nice to see real Las Vegas results and a picture is worth a thousand words; plus, you can enter our contest and win prizes, including free personal training.

Do you provide any guarantees on results?
You can lose up to 25lbs in three months. Satisfaction or money back guaranteed if you attend all sessions, follow the meal plan and take the before and after photos. The focus is on behavior modification to reprogram the overweight mind. However, you cannot expect to lose or gain more than the goal calorie calculator suggests while on the Encore program, because the focus is on body composition improvement and behavioral modification for lasting change.

Before a special photo shoot, job, celebration, party, anniversary, birthday, movie, show or competition, we can help you look your best if you start early. If you lose weight too fast, you can lose muscle and the weight comes back as pure fat, making your body fat percentage higher.

Please allow yourself the luxury of permanent change by making regular exercise a part of your healthy lifestyle. We're available 24/7 to answer questions or provide encouragement in person, by email and over the telephone. †If you are feeling weak, out of control, depressed or need help, please donít hesitate to schedule a free private consult.

How do I get started?
LVAC: Book your 60-minute free consult online or call (702) 845-4100. Meet your Encore Trainer at the LVAC juice bar in regular or gym clothes for your orientation (verify LVAC location). It's helpful if you bring a copy of your LVAC membership card, and completed New Client Forms. Having this paperwork ready will allow us to spend more time focusing on creating the best Encore fitness program for you.† We can also meet you at your home, office, or hotel spa/gym with advance notice.
Hotels: Meets in Spa Gym. Inquire at Spa desk and call Encore main office for sign-up info and book now (702) 845-4100.

Can I begin today and lock in today's special and my recurring appointment times?
Yes! Call today and we can take down your information over the phone or meet you in person with-in 5 minutes. Please make sure to verify which LVAC or hotel location to meet your trainer at, and bring the completed New Client Forms. We will also need to make a photocopy of your ID card.

If you will be working out the same day that you sign-up please allow time for a treadmill warm-up to prepare your muscles by lubricating all of your joints from head to toe. Most noteable is the increased energy a warm up provides, some people prefer to warm up for 20 minutes to get a complete feeling of readiness. Some people can do a full session of cardio before meeting their personal trainer, depending on their stamina.

Restrooms are located on the first floor in the locker rooms where you can lock up your bag, keys, music, coat, and any other personal belongings not required for your workout. Please do not listen to music while you work out with your trainer, or expect them to hold your cell phone or other personal items.

If it is your first time or you need to carry your phone for specific reasons, we understand.
Be prepared to focus on the instructions, safety cues, and intensity or resistance modifications. Please listen to music only during your private cardio or Encore cardio boot camp sessions.

I'm not an LVAC member; where do I meet my trainer?
Meet at the Front Desk if not a member of Las Vegas Athletic Clubs. You must have a membership or LVAC Manager approval to work out on any guest pass with an Encore Trainer (Memberships are about $20 per month). Call for details.

Why do I need to wear the heart rate monitor (wrist watch) with chest strap?
Heart rate monitors are developed specifically for coaches. They allow personal trainers to objectively assess and customize your workout while safely motivating you with instant feedback. Heart rate monitors give personal trainers a reliable way to ensure that you are exercising at the right intensity because time spent in the target heart rate zone is important for calorie burning. Incorporating heart rate monitors means no humiliation for beginners, and helps advanced athletes burn and record the amount of calories expended per week. The watch and chest strap also communicate directly with the cardio entertainment choices at LVAC so that your cardio experience on your own time is optimized for you. You can burn up to 1000+ calories in one Encore Personal Training workout.

Where are the boot camps located?
Boot Camps are held at indoor and outdoor locations around the Las Vegas valley and on the Las Vegas Strip in Hotels for Hotel employees, residents and guests. We also have Boot Camps for beginners and advanced Encore athletes who can tolerate hard exercise, such as athletic teams, law enforcement, firefighters, and ultimate fighters. Please inquire about our Encore Boot Camp Team program. We also have special Encore Boot Camps for children, middle school and high school students, brides, fraternities and sororities.

I would like to see how out of shape or fit I really am. Do you perform regular professional fitness evaluations?
Yes we will measure your body fat, circumferance measurements, flexibility, strength and your cardiovascular VO2 max fitness to design a custom cardio and stretching routine program just for you. Fitness Evals give your personal trainer useful information to determine how coordinated and strong you are. Customers enjoy using this optional test to challenge themselves at regular intervals and new customers can use this test if they are unsure if they need circuit training or one-on-one program.

What are your cancellation, late and refund policies?
If you know that you can't continue your training program for any reason, immediately inform us via written request on this website. Once we receive your written request, the manager will cancel your training program. If the manager does not receive your request, then we are reserving your space just like tuition or rent. If you have a cold, vacation, or injury, you are still accountable to your goal weight, and you must do what you can as soon as you can. We provide accountability to rock and movie stars while they are on tour and can't meet an Encore trainer regularly. Traveling is not an excuse to slack off.

No excuse/drama policy strictly enforced, allowing us to live on the positive side of the street. Please reschedule any changes, vacations or holidays as soon as possible. Please make every effort to arrive early. Your promptness will ensure that you get a complete workout session. Remember, the 10-minute warm-up is mandatory. If you are more than 15 minutes late you must reschedule into the next session if available, or come another day. If you have to cancel or reschedule your appointments, you must do so 24 hours in advance of the scheduled start time online or call or text us directly.

Encoreís policies and important information are subject to change without notification. Please call for current information and refresh your browser for current updates. All advertisements and daily specials may change without notice.

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