Wow...Where to begin? I was skinny up until I was 7 years old, then the weight problem developed and persisted for the next, almost, 30 years. Weight up & down, up & many times? Many, at least 5 or 6 to count off the top of my head. Then after praying for years to overcome heaviness, it was time. In the beginning of summer 2002, I was at my heaviest around, 243+. I made a decision to lose the weight at that time. The weight started to come off slowly with smaller portions. I became conscious about watching what I was eating, smaller portions, half portions, portions as small as your fist (two fists at first!) lots of salads, carrots & celery as late night snacks if needed. I did not stop eating anything in particular, only smaller amounts, I denied myself nothing, but if I wanted a big cheeseburger with fries and mayo, I had it, but only once a week or every two weeks. Cold Stone ice cream 5 nights in a row, oops! back on it the 6th night. It was ok to mess up a bit, I just got back on it instead of throwing in the towel. I only weighed myself every month to two months so I saw progress forward, instead of the minor up's and down's. I do not own a scale. I did some inner healing which I believe will keep the weight off for life. I healed the hurts within myself with God's help and a lot of good friends. I let go of old resentments and forgave others and myself for a painful past. The weight literally melted off. I let go of the pain and the weight let go! I did not need to eat to cover feelings anymore and I don't obsess over food anymore. Carol Miller keeps me motivated by keeping me accountable to my workouts and gives great pointers on staying fit and healthy workout habits. She is constantly suggesting neat ideas on how to keep things interesting so I don't get bored with the routine. She is very knowledgeable on fitness, form, nutrition and fun stuff too! Carol studies constantly to keep up to date on her fitness training, so I feel confident that new information that might affect over all fitness is being passed along frequently and correctly. She has helped strengthen me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through the workouts and her friendship. Best of all, she has strengthened my core; I GOT ABS, DUDE!!! I plan to continue with Carol as long as she can stand me! She rocks! God Bless you all! (Hot Tip: Ask God to help you and He will.)

Much Love, Sara
Age 38

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